Coimbatore : Do u speak Hindi ?  No .. Oh crap!!

India is basically a place where different religion ,caste , emotions, languages expressing those ,coexist in uniformity . But if you are really in india , you would know India is formally recognised by four regions . North ,south ,east and west . Well ,you won’t find any difference when you travel to Northern ,western or eastern part of India .

But when you travel to southern part , there is a difference .Though  I am not raising any questions . I love south India . This southern part is flooded with great development, resources , food agriculture ,governance etc .

But I am not here to talk about that .I m gonna talk about the communication barrier. 

I am basically from Bihar .As my father served in defence ,we had transfer . It was 2010 ,when my dad was transferred to coimbatore ,Tamil Nadu . Those who have never been to  south India ,have actually no idea how it’s actually .So did I .

My friends scared me about the place . They had some crazy stories about this place .And the place was also sounded so weird to pronounce .  I had no experience about the place . 

The first day in coimbatore was so boring .Literally boring . Because nobody knows to speak hindi.😩😩.They speak only Tamil. 

We were living in a government society. So we had some of our people ,who came from different parts of the country .

But the moment I stepped outside of my society ,I saw so many people to which I couldn’t even relate . And then there was this school to which I took admission.

I have always studied in kendriya vidyalaya (K.V). It’s under central govt . so it was our school . But this K.V was totally different from the past K.V’s I have studied.

Damn !! Nobody speaks hindi here .:'(:'(what the hell I have got myself into .

For the first time in my life I had to use English to introduce myself . About when I said English ,I meant horrible English . Even the beggar sit outside the school could speak better than me .

I don’t blame myself for that . I  actually never gave a shit about speaking English,and nobody does unless they encounter the need to speak. Don’t judge me . I knew to read and write english . But speaking English was like eclipse in my life . My friend circle was as thin as plastic. I had only one friend , who spoke to me only about studies that to in broken hindi. I felt so down in my life .Everything was different here because of communication.

The crazy thing about this school was that they taught Hindi in English . I was literally crying when I saw it happened . I never felt so lonely in my life . And the whole thing centered around the communication . The class majority spoke Tamil ,Malayalam. It was almost same . It was so wiered to guess every time they spoke to me . Then they would mid there head and move along . 

I remember how was I called to speak about “My Mother”… I could have said million things .But in english , not a word came out of my mouth . The teacher insulted me so badly . She disgusted the place I belong from . She asked me to go back to my place where I came from . 

And with the stammering, my life became hell . Everyday I was framed in class . I was the most humorous subject in my class . It became hard every day to endure it . The studies never scared me , but these things does . The things which I never gave importance became the elements of my identity . Speaking ,interacting , attitude ,personality were the subjects I actually had to major .

But how could I ?

Remember, To be No.1 …u have to be odd .

To be continued…☺

Stammering : I never asked for it …

Hello everyone ..

My name is Abhishek Dubey. I started blogging with a  soul purpose to help others who are suffering with the problems I suffered and still finding a way to overcome it . The problems which I m gonna  talk about are not merely  just a problem . During my childhood , I had gone through lots of phase transition.

I learnt to endure these problems . So my writing will be mainly focused on how u could be more independent and free from soul . How ur attitude towards life could change the way u see it .How to boost up ur personality and live the life ,the way u want . I will try to help u by sharing my stories with u . If u feel anyway connected through these stories ,please free to share ur opinions and problems in the comment. 

I dedicate my first blog to the problem which haunted me for my life and winning over it was not a duck soup.

How do u put this situation , I was  called by my  teacher to speak on a topic .And then something weired happens with me . I  started  all sweating , shivering ,trembling with the unknown fear . I really didn’t know what happened. My feet felt heavy to handle my weight , and I was all dead frightened to see my classmates waiting for me to start . But fear of exactly what ??

I was never like this before . I don’t know how this happened to me . But anyway I had to fight it . As far as I remember ,I acquired this habit of stammering in 2nd grade . 

Since then my life was not normal . Humiliation and embarrassment was a new normal in my life. My friends had the great time making fun of me.Imitating me was a new sport in my class. They played  bet on me if I could pronounce the word clearly which they ask me to.

Stuttering is not just a weired habit … It is a virus  . It is something which u have no control of . It suppress your freedom of expression , and make u feel small every time u dare to utter a word .

My mother once told me its impossible to control one’s tounge …In my situation it really happened .

Everyone started acting differently to me , especially my family . It was so eerie and frustrating  for me to answer when they asked me how did it happened to u ! U talk so funny .. How will u live in this society .. As if I asked for it !!!

But I didn’t give up …. 

To be continued .